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Hiring Design & Marketing.

Companies and Individuals are needed to be a part of the leading network in the Southern United States.

For the purposes of space we have placed Marketing and Design together. You do not need to provide services in both areas to apply.

As a marketing and consulting business based in San Antonio, Texas for the last 17 years, we provide a host of services for our clients. From simple online marketing services to business consulting and development. We have a reputation for providing robust solutions for businesses from small to multi-national.

In an effort to expand our services beyond San Antonio and surrounding areas, we are recruiting service providers to form the largest network of service providers in the Southern States. We are therefore interested in partners that can provide marketing and development with attention to detail and on-time delivery. We need partners who can provide:

  • Online Marketing with Search Engines, Social Networks and more.
  • Website design, development and optimization, creating online integrated systems.
  • Optimizing and correcting information that may already exist online.
  • Graphic design and quality imagery for our clients

For true success, we need true partners who can show their committment to our customers and share in our success. As our partner we expect...

  • A FREE marketing status report for our customer.
  • A marketing plan for 5 key phrases.
  • A list of verifiable monthly submissions as per above.
  • Social Network submissions monthly.
  • Monthly blog submissions.
  • 10 Monthly link creations.
  • Monthly progress report for the customer.
  • Additional submissions and link creations for the main Phiskal site.
  • Creation and marketing of a Phiskal mirror site for your services.
  • FREE quotes for additional services & services in accordance with Phiskal packages.
Most customers will be billed monthly and you will also be paid on a monthly basis. All customers will be considered Phiskal customers and any direct billing will considered a violation and your services will be terminated. You will be paid the agreed amount for your services. If financing is provided by Phiskal for development services, you will be paid monthly and in accordance with payments made through our finance team.
Once the customer requirements have been determined, you will be asked to quote for the compeletion of the project within the timescale requested by the client. If your quote is competetive, you will be awarded the project and once payment has been received from the client your payment will be processed for the format of that particular project.
As we ramp up our development partners, we are also ramping up our local and national Sales staff. This means that project volume will be increasing over the next few months. Each project is awarded based on your quote, availability, quality of work on previous projects and your ability to add another project to your schedule. We hope we will have more projects available for you than you are able to service, that way you make money as do we.

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You'll perhaps be surprised by what we can achieve together and how many projects we can assign to you. We have recently also set up a location in London, UK. This will also be available to you should you be interested in working in that area.

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